What is the difference between Context and Local Context?

Jonas Pilz Demonstrates the difference between local context and context attributes with the new Node Editor in Cinema 4D.

No doubt the node editor in Cinema 4D R20 is going to go down as one of the critical features in a lot of artists workflows. Getting started with the nodes and finding best practices might take some time if you are new to node based shading. If you fit into this category, then take a look at Maxon’s latest quick tip that shows you context and local context, and how they are distinctly different.

Context will allow you to transform the UV mapping of a shader network and while that is useful, the local context attribute might offer some more control when it comes to making refinements. Jonas covers both these attributes and then shows how you can use them when developing networks.

In a previous quick tip, Jonas covered what “context” is, offering a great introduction to the concept in R20.