How to Create an Adjustable Conveyor System in C4D

Lonnie Busch shows how to build a complex conveyor system in Cinema 4D using Mograph.

Lonnie Busch’s tutorials often cover how to create complex machinery and animated intricate devices in C4D. His latest tutorial is no different, showing how to make a conveyor system, this time using the Mograph Module in C4D. “we will use a Rectangle spline and Matrix object as the basis for our conveyor rig,” Busch says about it.

“…Then utilize a Mograph Selection to move the matrices of the Matrix object into the positions of our hubs.” Busch shows how to use the matrix rate parameter to animate conveyor while also controlling the speed. Amazingly the entire thing is built on a single Rectangular Spline, which means that you can quickly change the size and shape of the system by just changing the height and width of the spline.