OBJ Toolkit Updates With New Features and Tweaks, Still Free

Jan Jinda’s OBJ Toolkit for Maya adds some new features including one for Maya and Zbrush workflow.

OBJ Handling in Maya is straightforward. That is until you have to import and export lots of files. Not to worry though, Jan Jinda’s OBJ Toolkit is a free and fast way to handle OBJ workflows in Maya. Recently the toolkit has undergone some changes with a new release and is surprisingly still free.

The latest version offers some UI tweaks as well as some functionality changes. If you work with Zbrush and Maya together, Batch blendS on Multiple is no longer case sensitive – ZBrush tends to mix with letter casing, this should solve most issues. The list in this update includes:

  • Revamped and streamlined UI (radio buttons, different title bar, etc.)
  • Batch blendS on Single now supports importing multiple OBJs as blend shape targets on one geometry.
  • Batch blendS on Multiple is no longer case sensitive. ZBrush tends to mix with letter casing; this should solve most issues.
  • Ignore duplicate geometry added to export options as it was not previously possible to export geo, which shared a name with other geometry in the scene.
  • Other minor code tweaks.

You can get OBJ Toolkit for free here.

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