Parametrically Making a Cylinder Full of Holes in C4D

Glen Johnson’s latest tutorial shows how to create a cylinder full of holes using parametric techniques.

A popular technique for creating a cylinder full of holes is to create the surface as a flat shape and then use a bend deformer to bend it into a cylindrical shape. That is the premise of Maxon’s Glen Johnson’s latest tutorial. However, the tutorial goes a step further showing how to make the whole thing parametrically, meaning you can change any aspect of it at any time.

The concept is an extension from a previous tutorial that showed how to create a sphere of holes using the wrap deformer. “In this tutorial, I follow up on the previous video about making parametric holes in a procedurally generated sphere, but this time making a real-world object – a machine gun heat shield using the bend deformer, generators, and splines,” Johnson says.