Check Out This General Overview of PBR

The Flipped Normals team explains PBR without using charts, graphs, and high-post technical jargon.

One of the things you are immediately inundated with when you enter the world of 3D is a barrage of technical terms. Once you get a grasp of some, new ones pop up, for example, physically based rendering or how it’s most commonly known, PBR. Typically, when speaking about things like rendering, there are even more technical terms that are thrown around, which can make the best-intended explanations still quite hard to understand. If this is something you encounter, especially when talking about physically based rendering, then check out this new explanation by the Flipped Normals team.

“In this video tutorial, we explain PBR in an easy to understand way for artists, without using complicated charts graphs,” FlippedNormals says. Find out all the details in their latest short 22-minute video. “PBR – physically based rendering – is taking the CG industry by storm, and knowing what PBR is, will help you develop unbelievable shaders and textures.”