How to Create an Epitrochoid With Animation Nodes

Blender Diplom shows how to use Blender Animation Nodes to create the spirograph-like Epitrochoid.

Frederik Steinmetz of Blender Diplom fame puts together a look into creating graphics with maths using Blender. Probably the best way to do this is to work with Blender’s Animation Nodes. The latest dive into match and graphics look into creating an Epitrochoid using Animation Nodes and a bit of math.

Frederik Steinmetz shows how to save a lot of node-wrangling by placing the formulas right inside an expression node. “Everyone who has played with a Spirograph as a kid (and maybe as an adult as well) remembers the variety of geometric forms one can draw with it. Using the Animation Nodes addon in Blender 2.8, a setup can be created that allows to draw all those forms and beyond.”

The last tutorial in the series showed how to create a Trefoil knot – check that out here.