Wisp Lets You Create 3D Particle Trails Easily

Creation Effects’ new Ae template Wisp, lets you design 3D particle trails without plugins.

New from Creation Effects, maker of a lot of helpful After Effects templates, is Wisp — A tool that lets you create all kinds of 3D particle trails easily. Wisp comes with 50 presets that can imitate effects like fire, smoke, bubbles, sand, and abstract shapes too. The wisp effect can follow any layer that is in motion in After Effects, and the tools let you customize the look of the effects also.

With the templates, time-consuming effects are now super-easy. For example, you can build a lightning effect that follows a path or writing out text with bleeding ink or creating a thickening 3D vine. The presets is flexible and highly customizable, and best of all only uses the standard After Effects Plugin CC Particle World, which is compatible with 3D camera layers.

Check Out Wisp for After Effects here to learn more.