How to Install Brush Alphas to 3D Coat

3D Coat can use the same brush alphas as other sculpting apps – here is how to install them.

Like any other sculpting application, 3D Coat uses brushes to affect the clay surface. Like Zbrush, the brush system in 3D Coat uses alphas. That means that you can install brush packs from other programs into 3D Coat. The 3D Coat learning channel posts a two-part look into how to install brush alphas into 3DC as either individual brushes or as packs.

It gets fascinating when you learn that you can create custom brushes using 3D Coat, using a 3D model or a 3D Scan. The tutorial also covers a bit of this, but Anton Tenitsky covered the topic in greater detail, showing how to create a rock brush from a 3D scan, and how to bake high-resolution brushes with 3D Coat.