How to Bake Mograph Animation Into Objects

Digital Meat shows off a process to bake mograph animation down to an object level.

While Cinema 4D Mograph gives you unprecedented control over animations and objects, there may come a time when you want to keep the animation but not the Mograph setup. You can do this by transferring down the animations into the objects themselves. There are a few ways you can approach this. Check out this new tutorial from Digital Meat that shows one method to bake animation into objects in C4D.

The tutorial covers taking setups that involve a lot of generators and effectors from the mograph module and baking them down into the objects, so you no longer need the structures behind them. Baking Mograph is a process that Ilir Beqiri showed off once before. You can use third-party plugins that will enable you to easily bake Mograph animated scenes into point level animation and exert that result in FBX. You can also choose to bake Mograph natively in Cinema 4D, using standard tools and some Xpresso.