Learn How to Create Python Driven Curve Animation in Maya

MaxDepth’s new course shows how to create tools to help make curve animation and motion paths in Maya.

Find yourself animating characters that fly slither and grow along a spline? Then you should create some tools that can help automate and better control that process. A new course from Maxdepth.tv authored by Delano Athias shows how to create a system to set up curve animation and motion path actions with minimal effort in Maya.

“In this course, we will learn how to leverage Python to design a tool in Maya that will allow you to attach objects to a curve in a more efficient manner with greater control.”

The tutorial shows how to prototype a tool to connect items to a path manually. By the end of the course, you will have a tool complete with an intuitive UI that makes the system user-friendly.

So if you’re an Intermediate to Advanced Maya user that would like to learn how Python can be used to improve productivity, then this is the tutorial for you!

Check out the Python Driven Curve Animation in Maya course here.