How to Create A Procedural Chipped Or Damaged Material in C4D Octane

Travis Davids shows how you can create a chipped procedural material perfect for showing damage details.

It’s fun to create damage manually by painting. Yet, using procedural techniques allows for a more flexible workflow. Many render engines will enable you to string together nodes to create procedural chipped and damaged looks easily.

Chipped and Damaged Material With Octane.

Travis Davids shows the process of working with nodes in Cinema 4D and Octane Render to create endless variations of existing materials by just tweaking sliders once it’s setup. Procedural Materials introduce non-destructive workflows, and the quality of the elements never degrade.

About Travis Davids.

Travis Davids is a Freelance Digital Artist from South Africa that has been working in the Entertainment and Graphic Design Industry since 2009.