How to Work With UDIMs in Blender

Dikko guides us through how to set up UDIM tiles in Blender.

Eventually, most 3D artists will move out of creating standard UV tiles and into utilizing UDIMs. While UDIM seems more complex, it’s more efficient to work with UVs and texture space. UDIM stands for U Dimension, where you can have an array of UV tiles, each harboring it’s own UV islands and texture. In his latest tutorial Richard Shilling (aka Dikko!) has a look at working with UDIMs in Blender.

UDIMs in Blender.

Shilling’s tutorial has a look into how to set up a UDIM texture in Blender. It also covers what you need to consider when you need to export your model to other applications for texturing, such as Substance Painter.

“We then work through the process of importing texture sets designed for a UDIM material workflow,” Shilling notes.

About Richard Shilling.

Richard “Dikko!” Shilling an independent artist and 3D generalist based in Melbourne, Australia.