New Tool Generates Teeth and Gums for Characters in Maya

Mr. Dentist is a procedural and art-directable teeth and gums creation tool for characters.

I mean, it’s fun to model things, but sometimes you want to get the job done in record time and still put your touch on things. Take, for instance, creating teeth and gums for a lot of characters in Autodesk Maya. A new thing from the folks at UnPLUG Tools recently released Mr. Dentist. It’s a tool that procedurally generates teeth and gums in Maya.

[Thanks to Abhishek Karmakar for the heads-up]

Art-Directable Teeth and Gums.

This is pretty cool – Mr. Dentist allows artists to generate a sophisticated and organic creature dentures withing a matter of minutes – it’s just a few clicks. The tool can save a bunch of production time, especially when working on a lot of creators and characters. Mr. Dentist offers a variety of avenues for what’s inside the mouth, from humans to mythical creates like orcs and zombies, to wild animals. The plugin instantly creates any Teethsets to meet your Project needs, with clean topology and UVs.

Check out the page for more information on Mr. Dentist here.