Using Cavalry String Generators and Text Position

Chris Hardcastle shows how you can pass attributes via a formatted text generator in Cavalry.

String Generators in Cavalry lets you create lots of different styles of generated text procedurally. You can create formatted text, hash, hexadecimal, random dates, numbers, values, or generate time code.

In this new Cavalry tutorial, The Scene Group’s Chris Hardcastle shows how you can take attributes and pass them through and on to text shapes. The example shows how to output the X and Y position of moving triangles and display those in a text shape. Perfect for doing HUD and FUI type stuff.

“We connect the position values of duplicated triangles via a Formatted Text Generator and pass them through to a Text Shape, creating the sort of effect you might see in a heads up display.” Says Hardcastle. The demonstration uses a formatted text generator, a value generator, the duplicator, text shapes, basic shapes, and noise.

Download Cavalry.

Check out Cavalry and the pricing tiers. You can get Cavalry for around $16/month. You can start your journey into the future of motion design apps for free.

What better way to learn how to create generative art, character animation, and data visualizations than a great getting started series. Visit the Scene Group to learn more about Cavalry.