Cosmos Adds Support for Maya 2022 and a Drag and Drop Installer

Cosmos type-to-find search engine and code-library for Maya adds Python 3 support and other great features.

A new release for Cosmos (version 1.8) added support for Maya 2022 with Python 3, a new easy install routine, universal tags, and an improved search engine.

Martin Gunnarsson’s search engine and code library for Maya launched supporting Python 3 (with plenty of help on the Python 3 conversion from the talented  Loïc Pinsard ), making it compatible with Maya 2022. Also noted are a super-easy drag and drop installer, an improved API, better search speed and relevance, and better path handling. See the complete list of what’s new in 1.8 here.

Availability and Pricing

Cosmos is free to download or “pay what you like” model. Visit the page for Cosmos for Maya for more information, documentation, and download.