How to Colorize Clones Based on Size in C4D

Jonas Pilz shows how you can automatically change the color of clones based on their sizes.

This new quick tip from Maxon’s Jonas Pilz shows how you can colorize clones in Cinema 4D based on how big or small they are. To get a read on the size of the cones within a cloner group, Jonas uses the formula effector, allowing to pass size information and use it for something else, like colorizing clones.

It sounds more complicated than it is, and Jonas explains the setup and shows how you can use the Formula effector to read the size of MoGraph clones and then use it in MoGraph color.

In a related tutorial, Xpresso master Lonnie Busch explained how it’s possible to assign exact colors to clones while using both the Cloner Blend and Sort Mode in C4D. Check that out here.