Free After Effects Tool Helps Draw Arcs for Animations

Animatable’s Arc Checker for Ae shows how a layer moves by drawing out the arcs.

Popping knees are an issue in virtually every animation package. Still, in After Effects, there is no natural way to manage the problem. That kind of makes sense because there is no internal IK engine or constraint system in After Effects.

Suppose you do have things like popping knees and limbs. In that case, it’s a good idea to see how the animation reads across frames by ghosting or onion skinning the elements animated. Sadly, again, there is no internal system in After Effects for this either.

Arc Checker.

That is likely why Animatable, the makers of Limber, created Arc Checker, a new and free tool to show how a layer moves in After Effects.

“…if your layer is animated through parenting or expressions After Effects won’t show you the path of the motion that the naked eye sees.”

Arc Checker does just that: select a layer, click the button, and see the arc.

You can extend the number of frames and even re-target it to show a different layer’s movement.

Get Arc Checker for Free.

Get Arc Checker for After Effects here.