Bendio Puts After Effects CC Bend It to Shame

Animatable’s Bendio bends layers in After Effects quickly and with more options.

Every time I see third-party tools like Bendio, I wonder why CC anything is in After Effects. Steve Kirby sent a note informing me that Animateable has a new tool called Bendio that works similarly to the native effect of CC Bend It. Bendio has more options and the ability to parent other layers to the bend.

Bendio also works reliably on continuously rasterized layers. It’s perfect for character rigs or adding life to anything organic and has many advantages over the puppet tool. The setup time is much quicker. You can also re-adjust everything at any time, the bend is more predictable, and the distortion is more appealing in most cases.

Get Bendio for Adobe After Effects.

Bendio is on introductory sale at aescripts until Nov 23rd.

Visit Animatable to learn more about Bendio here.