Working With the Hierarchy Node and the Start and Iteration Paths in C4D Xpresso

Expresso Mechanic TV offers a dive into the Xpresso Hierarchy Node and the start and iteration paths.

This latest Xpresso Nuts and Bolts tutorial by Expresso Mechanic TV is another Xpresso Nuts and Bolts series installment. This one dives into the start and iteration path used in the Hierarchy node.

“We discover that they are both powerful and, depending on the nature of the hierarchy we are working with, at times a little strange in how they operate.’

About Julian Field.

Julian Field, AKA Expresso Mechanic (3D artist/animator), is an independent creative spirit based in Kent, UK. Field teaches Logic Pro and Cinema 4D (Xpresso) via Skype and offers one-to-one tuition in your home if you are in the UK’s Kent area.