Working With the Octane Texture to UVW Node in Cinema 4D

SilverwingVFX covers some examples of working with the Octane Texture to UVW Node in Cinema 4D.

UVW, or UVs within 3D space, is a valuable way to control textures within the 3D environment of a DCC. UVs represent 2D space, and UVW, sometimes called projected or 3D textures, allow you to manipulate 2D textures within a 3D texture space, and with Octane, the Texture to UVW node facilitates that.

Here, SilverwingfVFX (Raphael Rau) shows some practical ways to use UVW techniques by showing how to create an anisotropic, circular effect.

Rau often takes specific rendering and general CG techniques and does a deep dive showing off things like working with nested dielectricsray switch nodes, and working with cryptomatte.