Easily Create a Dolly Zoom in Cinema 4D

You And Me Academy covers the neat things you can do by keyframing a Dolly Zoom in Cinema 4D.

We’ve seen Zollys or Dolly Zooms a few times in films, and while the effect is a relatively simple concept, it’s likely easier to pull off in 3D. Here, the You and Me Academy shows how you can create a Dolly Zoom in Cinema 4D for some dynamic camera moves.

“While sometimes disorienting, it can change the entire mood of your scene.”

The tutorial uses a product shot as an example of using a Dolly Zoom to create some elegant moves.

A little while ago, the You and Me Academy showed off a new toon shader setup for Redshift. The YMA Toon Shader for Redshift is a single Xpresso node that integrates seamlessly into Redshift. The node has 30 preset toon styles and works with all the Redshift features. Learn more about the Toon Shader here.