How to Create Simple Single-Mesh Rigs in Cinema 4D for Unreal Engine

Cart & Horse covers a workflow for rigging & animating a single mesh in Cinema 4D, set for Unreal Engine.

While tools like Accurig and Mixamo are handy and fast to start the rigging process, it’s pretty simple to set one up for yourself. This new tutorial from Cart and Horse’s Dan Maurer shows how to create a simple single-mesh rig in Cinema 4D for export to Unreal Engine.

“This will be the first of a few videos covering different techniques for rigging and animating for Unreal Engine,” Maurer says about the tutorial.

The tutorial also covers using the Pose Morph Tag and Takes to create animations that import individually to Unreal. Using animations like this is standard and one of the most basic ways of animation for games, but for C4D users, it most closely mimics the Motion Clips workflow.