How to Procedurally Make Hems for Clothes in Blender With Geometry Nodes

Alexandre Albisser shows how to use Geometry nodes in Blender to create procedural Hems on animated clothes.

Check out this new tutorial where Freelance 3D Artist Alexandre Albisser shows how to create a procedural system in Blender Geometry Nodes that automatically adds hems to animated clothes.

Albisser walks through a Geometry Nodes setup to make complete-modeled and detailed Hems along the edge of a mesh in a single click, working off a vertex group selection.

The tutorial also covers creating custom shader attributes to shade this nicely with seam puckering effects without needing a too-high poly version.

Alexandre often posts about procedural systems, like creating mud that can stick to a tire. Check out this previous tutorial that shows how to make it so you can have dynamically sticky objects in the scene.