How to Composite Redshift AOVs in Blackmagic Fusion

Niels Bosch Shows How to Use AOVs from Redshift in Blackmagic Fusion Covering Common Production Tasks

Curious about rendering and compositing AOVs with Redshift and Blackmagic Fusion? Check out this short tutorial where Niels Bosch takes us through the process.

In this video, Niels Bosch shows how to use AOVs in Fusion, using the Maya plugin

Bosch covers how to set up the AOVs that are needed to match the beauty pass. He also explains the differences between the Normal and Raw AOVs and how to create them. Also covered is how to create post effects that include depth of field, motion blur, re-lighting, and volumes.

Blackmagic Fusion is free to download if you want to follow along with the tutorial, and Bosch offers the tutorial files for download in the description.