In continuation for the Cinema 4D tutorial series in better understanding Subdivision modeling, Shane Benson adds another installment taking a look at using weighting to affect the tension of a HyperNURBS object in Cinema.

Weighting can sometimes cause problems, so I tend to stay away from it. However, there are some objects that can benefit from it, like the arrowhead in this example

The Weight Tag in Cinema 4D is similar to adding a crease value when using Subdivisions in other 3D applications, allowing you some better control over hard edges when using a sub-D surface. Shane does note that there are some problems with artifacts occurring causing some problems in the model, and demonstrates when using weights becomes relevant in Cinema 4D Subdivision Modeling showing how some models can benefit.

As a refresher, and in case you have missed the other installments in the Sub-D Modeling in Cinema 4D series, you can catch them here:

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