Maya | Bendy Joint Creator Assists in Building a “Bendy Joint Chain” Set Up

Upon receiving positive feedback with the last tool he created, the Soft IK Tool, Nick Miller posts a new tool for creating a bendable joint chain in Autodesk Maya which also allows for flexible control over a segmented joint chain.

This tool allows the user to create a “bendy joint chain” set up

The Bendy Joint Creator is really simple to use, by simply selecting the joint chain that you want to affect, and clicking a button. The tool will let you input how many segments you want in your joint chain, and how large you want the controls to be, and also has control over the global scale attribute.

Here Nick covers the use of the tool as well as some insights into how the tool works under the hood. Check out the Bendy Joint Creator Tool for Maya here, or here for a direct download: Maya Bendy Joint Creator Tool