Get to Know Redshift C4D With this Short Introduction

3D Artist Paulo Barrelas Gives a Nice Overview of Redshift C4D Getting You to Speed on the GPU Renderer

Want to have a look at Redshift C4D? Who doesn’t? Redshift is making waves as the defacto-GPU production rendering tool for a lot of DCC’s including Cinema 4D. 3D Artist Paulo Barrelas offers up a helpful overview working with the Redshift Renderer.

Barrelas covers working with Physical Lights, Redshift Materials, and Physical Cameras, along with all the settings you need to get started with Redshift C4D. You can follow along using the tutorial files which you can download here.

Redshift has a demo version that you can try. In fact, the company encourages all interested customers to try the Redshift demo version to ensure system compatibility, but also as an opportunity to experience Redshift’s performance.

  • The Redshift demo is functionally identical to the commercial version, but renders with a watermark.
  • You can install the Redshift demo on as many machines as you wish.
  • There is no time limit. You can take your time to evaluate Redshift for as long as you need.
  • The Redshift demo is completely free with no obligations.
  • The demo version contains plugins for Maya, 3dsMax, Softimage, C4D, Houdini, and Katana.

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