Getting the Most Out of 3D-Coat’s Vox Hide Tool

Anton Tenitsky Shows how 3D-Coat’s Vox Hide Tool Can be Used for More Creative Possibilities With Hard Surface Design

3D Artist and hard surface modeler, Anton Tenitsky has been covering some helpful tips for hard surface design from techniques in designing by silhouette, creating seams, and how to get super-smooth and clean surfaces in hard surface models. His latest tutorial offers a look into using 3D-Coat for hard surface design possibilities using the Vox Hide tool.

The Vox Hide tool is an intuitive one to use, yet it offers some design possibilities too. “Trying to be a bit more creative about using VoxHide to find new shapes and designs.” Tenitsky says about his tutorial.

Tenitsky also has a bunch of diverse photo-reference packs that can be purchased ranging from rocks, cliff faces buildings, to old military equipment. Check those out here.

Anton is mentor at the CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation.