Advanced Tips for Working With 3DC Proxy Mode

Anton Tenitsky Shows how to Save Time When Decimating Meshes in 3D Coat Using Proxy Mode.

Reducing mesh size in 3D Coat works a little bit differently than it would certainly in Zbrush or even Mudbox. 3DC can’t walk through subdivision levels as Zbrush does. For example, you can’t go from low to high rez through subdivision layers. 3D-Coat has a bit of a different premise, working from top to bottom. Anton Tenitsky demonstrates this by showing some advanced Proxy mode tips.

When you turn a mesh into a proxy mesh, 3DC will create a low-level copy of that mesh. You might find that working with Proxy Mode in 3DC is a bit slow, but Anton found a solution to that issue. Using Reduce instead of Decimate for the proxy method can help speed things along. The Decimation method offers more accurate results, while Reduce is a lot faster. Anton provides some other great tips that can save a lot of time when reducing or working with high-data meshes.