Compositing Theory: What is Alpha Premultiply?

Simon Ubsdell Explores Alpha Premultiply in More Detail and Looks at Combining Two Alpha Channels.

Ubsdell adds another video to his foundation of compositing theory series that teaches the very basics of all the technical bits that come together in compositing apps like After Effects, Fusion and Nuke. “It’s a solid introduction to some of the key concepts that will help unlock many of the essential secrets of compositing,” Simon Ubsdell says on the series.

The latest is a look at some advanced alpha theory and implementation. Alpha channels are the core features behind compositing. Part four deals with exploring alpha premultiply and looks into some blend operations that combine two alpha channels. Of course, Ubsdell shows some practical examples of the alpha theories in use along the way.

A previous video in the series showed the Theory and Math Behind Blend Modes, Essential for Compositing Basics – Check that out here.