Grow Coral Structures in C4D With R20 Volumes

Niels ten Hulsen Shows How to Take Advantage of Mograph and the Volume Builder in C4D to Grow Coral Structures.

When talking about C4D R20, it’s easy to mention some of the game-changing features. Certainly, Fields and the Volume Builder fall into that category. The volume builder lets you model with OpenVDB elements giving users a way to create complex models by working with boolean like operations. Of course, working with volumes can be so much more than just modeling, as shown in Niels ten Hulsen’s latest tutorial. Niels shows how to create a growing coral animation in C4D R20.

The tutorial uses volume modeling techniques but starts with creating the animation. Niels creates some matrix points that will act as the grow-effect, animating them on the Y-axis. The body of the coral structure is defined and produced by the mograph tracer object. “After that, we use the Volume Builder and the Volume Mesher to create geometry out of the Tracer,” Niels says. “Last but not least we will add detail to the whole simulation to make it look a bit more realistic.”