A Look at 3D Coat’s New Contextual Retopo Menus

3DC adds a new right mouse button menu in the retopo workspace that can help save some time.

3D Coat is a great standalone tool for 3D artists who want to augment their workflows. It can handle sculpting, painting, baking, rendering, UV work, and retopology. The latest release of 3DC adds a new contextual menu to the retopo workspace that should make things a little easier for that type of workflow.

Check out this short vid from the 3DC team that shows the new RMB menu in the retopo workspace. The list is contextual and compact, so it should help users work much more efficiently there. If you have never had the opportunity to see 3DC in action, have a look at this 3-part series from PolyToots that takes us through the retopo workflow, while also sharing many hints and tips to get a full character retopo quickly in 3D-Coat.