Using Blender’s Sculpting Tools to Sculpt a Gremlin

Jamie Dunbar works with Blender’s sculpting tools to create a highly detailed gremlin model.

There is an incredible amount of tools in Blender. Most are changing and getting better, almost weekly. Showing just how far Blender’s sculpting tools have come in a relatively short amount of time, is a new tutorial from Dragonboots Studios’ Jamie Dunbar.

Sculpting a Gremlin From the Movie.

“The sculpting tools in Blender have come a long way, and I wanted to see how far I could push them.” In this two-part series, Dunbar sculpts a Gremlin from the 1984 movie by the same name. The videos cover blocking, basic sculpting, and retopology and sculpting the high-resolution details.

About Jamie Dunbar.

For the past ten years, Jamie Dunbar has been running Dragonboots Studios, an animation studio based in Brisbane, Australia. He has a wealth of experience with character design and has created animated cartoon characters for the Myer’s Christmas display and the Texas Children’s Hospital.