How to Create a Welding Seam Procedurally in C4D

Nikolaus Schatz shows how you can use the free Edge to Spline Procedural Plugin to make welding seams.

A little while ago, Athanasios Pozantzis (also known as the Noseman) created a new plugin for a better way to develop splines from edges. The plugin is also free. Pozantzis’ spline generation plugin works on an edge selection and remains “live,” so it’s ultimately much more useful than the embedded C4D command. 

Procedural Welding Seams.

It’s this edge to spline plugin that content creator Nikolaus Schatz uses to create welding seams for any occasion. Check out Schatz’s latest tutorial covering how to get the new seam geometry in C4D and then also shows how to get that distinctive welded look to complete the effect.