How to Create a Foot Roll With Blender Rigging Nodes

Hollowpixel shows how to create a foot roll rig using Blender Rigging Nodes.

This new tutorial from Chris McFall (Hollowpixel Studios) shows how you can work with Aquatic Nightmare’s Rigging nodes for Blender to create the classic foot roll setup for characters. 

The Rigging nodes come as an addon to Blender that offers a more non-destructive way to create rigs. With the nodes, you can create a workflow that lets you instantly preview rig changes as you change the node system.

“The goal of this project is to be as versatile as possible and let each rigger create and/or share their own “Node groups” to later reuse on different rigs.” 

McFall’s video takes us through downloading and installing the node-set and then covers how to create a foot roll set up for a simple rig.