How to Rig a Robot Arm in Cinema 4D for Unreal’s Control Rig

Cart & Horse shows how to rig a robot arm in Cinema 4D for Control Rig in Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine has many animation tools that let you animate directly in-engine. Control Rig, for example, enables you to circumvent the need to rig and animate in external tools and instead animate in Unreal Editor.

This new tutorial from Cart and Horse’s Dan Maurer shows us how to rig a robot arm in Cinema 4D and use it with Unreal’s Control Rig. The rig uses a simple hierarchy instead of binding a mesh with weights.

Maurer shows how to set up models in Cinema 4D and export them for Unreal Engine and how you can set this model up in Control Rig so that it is ready to animate in Sequencer.

A previous tutorial from Cart & Horse showed how to create a simple single-mesh rig in Cinema 4D using the Pose Morph Tag and export that to Unreal Engine. Visit that tutorial here.

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