How to Make Clouds in Cinema 4D Octane, Fast

Roman Boichuk shows how to create clouds in Cinema 4D without simulations, cache, or hassles.

No matter the workflow when creating clouds in 3D, you inevitably need to use volumes in some form. No matter if you are using simulations, procedural methods, or, as seen here with this tutorial from PanRomanCG (Roman Boichuk), taking standard 3D objects and shapes and building volumes from those.

Watch Roman quickly create clouds in Cinema 4D by transforming simple shapes into volumes using C4D’s volume builder tools. Roman walks through using volumetric shaders in Octane to create both stylized and semi-realistic clouds.

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Also, you should check out this tutorial from CG Shortcuts (Dave Bergin), which shows a technique similar to Octane and C4D. Bergin creates clouds using an OSL (open shading language) shader. Visit that tutorial here.