Easily Create a Realistic Waving Flag in C4D

Darkins Digital shows how to simulate a waving flag using the cloth tag in C4D.

Soft body and cloth dynamics are super easy and fun to play. This new tutorial from Darkins Digital shows how you can create a realistic waving flag simulation in Cinema 4D using the Cloth Tag.

More Resources for Working With Cloth in C4D.

There are tons of things you can do with cloth dynamics; here are a few more.

Michael Tierney shows how you can make a pillow by using an inflate setting.

Markus Gonser shows how you can use Cloth and Fields to inflate and deflate parts of one object in Cinema 4D.

Pixelwolf shares how to create nice-looking draping cloth in Cinema 4D using dynamics.

Simulation Therapy shows how to make a fantastic cloth strands animation with X-Particles.

CG Shortcuts Uses Softbody Dynamics in C4D to Animate Dents and Damage to an Object and a Look at Creating Animated Cloth Using C4D’s Cloth Tag and Jiggle.